When we went live we supported pretty much all petrol cars built since 2008. Technically that meant cars that worked on the more modern CAN-BUS protocol.

One great thing about GOFAR though it that, unlike your car, we can update it as we learn and improve.

So, we’ve just released an upgrade that will allow GOFAR to work with many older cars built before 2008. Specifically we’ve now got “ISO protocol” cars working. In more plain english these are typically Chrysler cars, European cars and most Asian imports) and they will usually be of the vintage from 2008 – 1996 (but mostly from 2008 – 2003).


GOFAR ISO Compatible OBD device
GOFAR’s bluetooth OBD-II dongle is compatible with ISO protocol cars now

If you have an ISO car and you’re an early backer we will have contacted you and all you need to do now is download the latest GOFAR app from the Apple app store to your iPhone and follow the instructions in the app to install your device.

Please note, this will involve a download of new firmware to your device that takes about 15 minutes. Your phone will need to be in the car, with the engine turned off. (Future updates will be smaller and much quicker!)

* If you have already setup your GOFAR unit in another car and want to switch cars, please email us at support@gofar.co and we can step you through that process.

As ever, if you have any questions about your car’s compatibility, please just email us at support@gofar.co.

Happy driving!

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