Instructions- Exp1Experiment summary

This experiment is simple – you just need to unplug the cable so the Ray does not light up and influence your driving.


Experiment Step by Step

  1. DON’T unplug the dongle!
  2. DO unplug one (or both) ends of the cable so that the Ray is not connected
  3. Do drive normally for two weeks
  4. You can start whenever you want.  There’s no need to alert us when you start
  5. You can stop whenever you want.  There’s no need to alert us when you stop.
    • However we would (ideally) like two weeks of driving.
    • We’re hoping to have at least 200miles / 300km per driver.
  6. You do not need to tag your data – that happens automatically.
  7. Please do open the app occasionally to make sure the data is uploading to your app profile.


Experiment Goal

We have data on how drivers drive with GOFAR, but we also need data from a large sample of drivers driving without GOFAR.  The goal is to create a benchmark for normal driving across a large sample of drivers so we can see and improve the impact of our algorithms.

Basically, this experiment is one accurate way to provide a baseline against which we can compare in future as we refine the app, algorithms and hardware.

Mainly we will be analysing economy data and accelerometer data (driver smoothness on braking and acceleration).


Participants data will remain completely anonymous.  Data is analysed at a group level.  No individual drivers will be identifiable..



We’ll publish these once we’ve gathered enough data from enough drivers and will update this occasionally.  The goal will be to publish a first outcome by end of August based on 40,000km of driving.

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