DieselReadyOnIOSGreat news – GOFAR’s upgrade for diesel cars is now ready.  Here’s how to get up and running


Instructions if you have NOT already installed your GOFAR

This should be straight forward.

  • Download the app from iTunes
  • Follow the setup instructions in the app and make sure you select ‘diesel‘ as the fuel type
  • You’re ready to go driving

Instructions if you HAVE already installed your GOFAR

OPTION 1: If you have already installed GOFAR in your diesel AND you set it up as a Diesel from the start then you don’t actually need to do anything.  The update should just make fuel calculations more accurate from now on.  🙂


OPTION 2: If you installed GOFAR in your diesel but set it up as a Petrol car during installation then you need to do a new set up now.  Please note that this means your past trips will not be available in the app after this so we recommend you start by exporting your driving history to csv.  (Data export is in Settings on the app).

  • Set up a new car by going to ‘Settings’, ‘Vehicles’, ‘Set up a new car’
  • Follow the instructions on the screen – make sure you select ‘diesel‘ as the fuel type
  • You’re ready to go driving

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback on the new diesel fuel tracking. We really value feedback.


  1. Edwin Thompson

    Looking forward to it diesel on android

    • Ian Davidson

      Hi Edwin – diesel is now looking good. Android beta is out and will be released in early September

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