Do you really know your car? Learn how your car’s data can change your life.

GOFAR in action








If I told you that your car, if it’s older, has a magical OBD port (a place you can plug a bigger “usb”) that can read all your car’s data and health and sync to your phone, would you believe it?


Today there is no need to purchase a new car to have it upgraded to your lifestyle. You can have cool devices that empower you and your car.


The data automatically will give you an understanding of all of your car’s costs as well as options to choose
what is best for you and the world you live in.


You can get access to:
– Distance travelled
– Fuel efficiency in litres per 100 km
– Your driving score: acceleration and braking levels
– The emissions you produce
– The cost of the fuel used in each of your trips
– How to keep you car in the sweet spot all the time
– Mapping each of your journeys


If you drive your car for work and have to claim expenses or tax deductions, you won’t miss a thing and will have a trip log too.


Special Price: only U$ 99.95

Special offer U$ 99,95


1. The magical OBD port. Usually placed under the steering wheel (always within 90cm). The gateway to your car’s data.












2. OBD from GOFAR in place. The adapter that lets your car talks to you.

GOFAR dongle











  3. Your car inside your phone





















4. Now you can know instantly if your car is operating in its sweet spot. Before you couldn’t. It was invisible to you.


GOFAR in action








5. Controlling your car’s cost is possible. On every trip.

App - Cost Details Control





















Check out how easy is to get all this in your car. Installing it is child’s play!

Easy Set up


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