Fuel Saving. How does it work?

Simply drive your car in its sweet spot and save your pocket, society and the world.

We know that finding the sweet spot is difficult. It’s invisible and you have to rely on your common sense to understand if you are driving in it.

Luckily technology has changed all that with a simple device and an app that make the sweet spot visible

to you, in real time.

It’s simple really. When we drive in traffic, it’s easy to get caught up in the struggle with everyone else. When we do this, we waste energy in rushing forward just in time to brake for the next traffic lights. Small actions change everything. When your car moves at a more even pace, without all the start/stop stress, your car uses less energy to complete its trip. You don’t lose time at all. The traffic lights have the biggest effect on travel time. When you drive more efficiently, you drive safely as well. Keeping your car in it’s sweet spot saves money, saves lives and generates less emissions. When you think about that, doesn’t it make you want to do your bit too?


  1. If you drive your car in it’s sweet spot you can save lots of fuel every month, year, years…













2. But how do I know if I’m driving my car in it’s sweet sport? GOFAR shows you in real time how your car is being driven.












3.  Everyone saves, not just you.













4.   Stay in the sweet spot and save up to 15% on fuel every month.













5.  Easy, simple things change the world we live in.

GOFAR in action











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