Relief for new drivers. Keep calm and drive happy.


Freedom, fun, and independence are all great things about getting a driver’s licence.

But when you think about the experience of getting there, it’s not so appealing: driving lessons, stressed parents, proving you are responsible enough to take the car out ….


girl taking driving lessons for the first time









Every older driver has been through all that and has a lot of stories to tell.

In order to improve and reach a future without these downsides, technology is here to help.
Now you can prove you are doing a great job at driving, be recognized by your driving scores and have a pleasant experience inside the car with your parents.  

young learner driver and driving instructor high five










The lights will guide you rather than your parents.

GOFAR in action








It will keep everyone calmer and you can get visibility of your performance later on your phone and talk about it.

driver's license


Change your learning experience with GOFAR.



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